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9 Tips Shoot With Mobile Camera

Mobile is the tool we always take it where - not only because it functions as a communication tool but also because it has a 'super' ability; mp3 player, GPS, recorder, organizer and of course camera. (note: all photos in this article are generated from handphone camera)

With the continued capability of mobile camera (megapixel, lens quality and flash), frequency and number of users also more and more. Unfortunately, the results of photos using this camera is still limited. Not just because of the quality of the camera but also maybe the way we use it.

Here are 11 tips that you can use to maximize the quality of photos from the camera mobile phone, any brand of your mobile phone, please:

1. Do not use zoom, get closer to photo object
Mobile phone cameras tend to minimize the object of the photo, so always try to take pictures from a sufficient distance so that the entire object can meet the frame without having to use the zoom. Zoom will lower the resolution of your photos as a whole and make the photos not sharp.

2. Make sure the light that illuminates the object is sufficient

The camera is not as sensitive as our eyes can see in the dim light. Always try to keep the light that illuminates the object of sufficient photos, the results of outdoor photos tend to be better than indoor. If available, use flash when shooting indoor. But keep in mind that the effective distance of flash is about 2-3 meters, so do not expect we can illuminate the whole room with flash

3. Hold the mobile phone as stable as possible

The more stable the camera the better our photos. So always try to keep our hands quiet while taking photos. If necessary, take advantage of a more stable object as a backrest, such as a tree or a wall that helps to stabilize the hand.

4. Read the tips on composition

Knowledge of a good composition will help us take better pictures. Try reading these brief composition tips. But do not get stuck, as photographers say that in the first rule in photography there is no rule, there is a seler

5. Try shooting from unusual places

Photos made from a mediocre angle then the result will also be mediocre. For that reason try shooting from an unusual angle, for example squat and photograph from the lower angle of the photograph object. That way our photos give a special impression that is not normal to the normal human eye.

6. Select the highest resolution

The highest resolution means that the resulting image has more detail and can be printed larger. If the camera gives a choice of resolutions, choose the highest resolution. Also high resolution also means larger file size, this is a consideration for mobile phone owners with limited memory capacity or for example photos will be sent then it will take longer transfer time.

7. Make sure the lens is always clean

Any good we take pictures and as good as any photo object but if our lens is dirty then the result must be ugly. Given our old mobile phone in the pocket then the dirt will eventually stick to the camera lens, therefore periodically clean the lens from the dirt. Use a soft cloth to clean, no need any fluids. If exposed to oil, use an LCD cleaning fluid or glasses.

8. Recognize shutter break time

Mobile phone cameras have what is called a shutter lag, which is the time of pause between when we squeeze and when the camera starts taking photos. Unlike DSLR cameras that take lightning shots after we hit the exposure, the phone is quite slow. Recognize the break time well so that our hands remain calm as soon as we press the shutter.

9. Choose a good photo editing app

Mobile has some pretty cute (and funny) photo processing features, try selecting a good quality photo editing app to make it easier for us to do important editing. Please read the best photography app for Andorid and for iOS

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