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5 Settings in Your Digital Camera

Basically, there are 5 settings in your digital camera that should always be checked before the finger pushes the shutter button first in a shooting session. Please:

1. Check your White Balance

Use white balance settings to suit the conditions, or if you trust the camera, set white balance in auto position.

2. Turn on the Highlight Warning Camera

These tips are powerful for avoiding overexposure photos. Highlight warning is a marker that appears on the camera's LCD screen when there is a burned photo section aka overexposed. In addition to using the highlight warning, you can also check the histogram on your digital camera's LCD.

3. Check the ISO Setting

The ISO setting determines how sensitive the camera sensor is to the light, the higher the number the more sensitive. If last night you photographed your friends birthday party at the restaurant, of course the ISO used will be different from the ISO setting when it will be used for photographing street walking events on the highway.

4. Check the Photo Size and Format Settings

Photographing thousands of photos at once, such as when you are hunting at the zoo (read tips on photographing at the zoo), of course require different photo size settings than photographing the family in the studio for example, especially if the memory card you have different capacity.

The photo format, whether to choose JPG or RAW is also a must to consider before your photo session begins.

5. Check the Exposure Mode of Camera Settings

In SLR or pocket cameras, there are usually several options for your chosen exposure mode: Manual - Aperture Priority - Shutter Priority - Program Mode and some digital camera presets. Make sure you already know which mode you will choose

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