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5 How To Compose Photo Composition To Make Your Subject More Interesting

All photos scramble for attention, and if one photo has been noticed then all the elements in the photo scramble to ask to be seen. But what if we really want to highlight the main subject that gives the impression and the most powerful character in the photo. Here are 5 tricks how to highlight the main subject in the photo:

1. Take advantage of Depth of Field

Using a wide aperture opening (f / 2.8), we can isolate the main subject and do the separation from the background. In this way, we seem to "force" photo viewers to pay attention to just the sharp areas and forget the others. Automatically, the main subject that you make sharp will be very prominent while the background becomes melted and just a complement to the photo.

2. Take advantage of the Guide Line

By using line elements and geometry, we can lead the eyes of the person who sees the photo to the subject we want to highlight. Our eyes have a tendency to comb the photos and then follow the existing pattern of lines.

3. Right in the Middle Frame

Although the rules of the rule of thirds say we should not put the main subject in the middle of the frame, it's good this rule is occasionally violated if you find a subject that is good to put in the middle. Putting them in the middle is a statement that we are deliberately putting them into the center of attention.

4. Use striking colors

Another way to draw the eye's attention to the subject is when we photograph objects that have a color that is quite a contrast compared to the color of other objects around it.

5. Text

The existence of text or writing in a photo will automatically stimulate the eyes of people to see and then read it, as long as it is clearly visible and its size can be read. And overall, this text will give context to the photo and become one of the most interesting main objects.

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